How can you be apart of restoring hope?



  • Pray for us, for our crews, for our tenants and hopefully future homeowners. Pray for vision, wisdom, strength, courage, passion, opportunities, and resources to be provided. 
Share our story
  • Share our story with everyone within your social and professional reach. They may be inspired to join us in our efforts.
  • Have your church, your social group, or your civic organization invite us to share our story when you meet.

 Connect us with those seeking hope

  • When you meet someone recovering from addiction or incarceration, help them find our website and apply to join our crews.
  • When you meet someone needing affordable housing, help them find our website and apply to become a tenant or homeowner.


  • Volunteer alone or with groups of friends or co-workers. Demolition, clean-up, yard work, and painting projects can be planned for one day, weekend, or longer term volunteers. Working alongside our crews can be a great way to discover the real beauty of what’s going on. Volunteers can also help us with door-to-door community building efforts and neighborhood social events.
  • Donate a house!… Of course, few are in a position to do this, but help others know they can sell us an inherited or any other house below market value, and then take a tax deduction for the difference between the sale price and the appraised market value.
  • Donate building materials, appliances, light fixtures, etc. in good condition when you remodel your own home.
 Invest in our cause
  • Become a financial supporter. Links to make one-time gifts or to make regular, periodic gifts are available on our website. Those uncomfortable with technology can simply mail their gifts.
  • Share with us any dreams or ideas you may have that could make what we’re doing even better or more effective.