Local non-profit restores hope to community, partners with Church

KINSTON, Lenoir County – Four years ago, Chris Jenkins, the founder of Hope Restorations, lost his son to suicide.

He battled an addiction with prescription pain pills. While dealing with the loss, Jenkins needed something to keep him busy.

“I just really needed something meaningful and productive to do,” said Jenkins.

That’s how Hope Restorations began.

The non-profit, based out of Kinston, rebuilds beaten down homes, and works with members of the community to rebuild lives as well.

“Our very first house was one that needed to be bull dozed over, but as one of our guys said, we actually brought that house back to life and in doing so we’re bringing these guys back to life,” said Tim Chase, Project Coordinator for Hope Restorations.

So far the organization has rebuilt 6 homes, and owns over two dozen properties. As they continue to grow, they need more space.

That’s where Queen Street Memorial Church comes in.

Through a partnership with the church, Hope Restorations now has office space to be able to get paperwork done, apply for grants, and meet with clients.

The goal for Hope Restorations is to rebuild 45 homes by the year 2020. If they meet that goal, they will be able to sustain themselves as a non-profit and no longer rely on grant money.

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