Nonprofit home in Kinston helping turn lives around

KINSTON, NC (WITN) People recovering from addiction or coming out of incarceration often have nowhere to go when trying to turn their life around, but a local nonprofit has a new project to change that.

Greg Dunk says he had 15 years of addiction struggles with alcohol and heroin and made several attempts at recovery.

Following his final stint in rehab 4-years ago, he was then pointed to Hope Restorations in Kinston, or as he refers to it just “hope.”

Dunk says, “Hope has given me an opportunity to get back into society again.”

Hope Restorations Pastor Chris Jenkins says, “One of the problems with recovering from addiction is that they’ve made a decision to turn your life around, and often times have nowhere to go but back to the very same community where they got their life messed up in the first place.”

Now recovering addicts, as well as people leaving incarceration, will go to the new Hope Restorations home.

Twenty people at a time will spend three months living there, as Hope Restorations also employs them to do construction on homes for low income families.

Jenkins says, “It makes a huge difference. Almost immediately when someone comes into our program and starts working, they recognize that they have something valuable to offer to the community.”

Dunk says, “It helps me because I give back. A lot of the new guys that come in here, I mentor them, I talk to them, and let them know I’ve been through a lot of the same things, and that helps”

The Hope Restorations Home has a tentative opening date of May 1st, but that is contingent on funding.

The project costs about $30,000.