Lenoir/Greene United Way welcomes new partner agency

Lenoir/Greene United Way recently announced Hope Restorations, Inc. is a partner agency for 2019.

Hope Restorations has acquired the property formerly known as the Flynn Christian Home and will be operating its “House of Hope” ministry at the facility. The House of Hope will be continuing the grant awarded to the Flynn Christian Home to provide housing to men in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse.

“We are excited to work with Chris Jenkins and his team at Hope Restorations,” UW Executive Director Molly Floyd said. “We applaud their efforts to honor the mission of the Flynn Christian Home and the many services they are providing our community.”

Jenkins is Hope Restorations’ executive pastor.

“We’re excited about carrying on the rich tradition of this house,” he said. “It’s a tradition of selflessly helping men transition back into healthy, happy lives.”

Jenkins added the house will allow them to implement improvements to their program.

“We will incorporate a program using phases,” he said. “The early phases will be highly structured and supervised, with subsequent phases progressing toward more independent living,”

All Hope Restorations participants are required to continue looking for better paying, permanent employment or to be engaged in a formal educational program.

“Having our early-phase participants in one residential setting will greatly enhance our partnership with Lenoir Community College, since we’ll be able to offer GED and career readiness courses on site,” Jenkins said.

For more information, please visit www.lenoirgreeneunitedway.org or www.hoperesorationsnc.org. You may also visit both nonprofit organizations on Facebook.

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